Under the Auspices of Dante: Italianità and Fascism in Brazil

PNF Headquarter Rome 1934

Currently, I am completing my book manuscript, tentatively titled “Under the Auspices of Dante: Italianità and Fascism in Brazil,” in which I study the diffusion of fascism in São Paulo, Brazil. Mussolini’s administration saw in the large number of Italians and people of Italian descent living in the state capitol—whose presence can be attributed to an aggressive plan formulated by Brazilian elites in the 19th century to “whiten” the country—a promising pool of future acolytes and thus worked hard to gain a foothold within Brazil’s Italian diaspora. My work pays particular attention to the reception of fascist ideas among the members of  São Paulo’s middle class, which mainly consisted of Italian business owners and professionals who were determined to distance themselves from popular notions of Italianness linked to socialism, anarchism, and racially-impure working-class populations. By revealing the role of fascist ideas, particularly Mussolini’s concept of Italian identity or italianità in the creation of the paulista middle class, I help to clarify the origins of Brazil’s complex racial politics and expose some of the contradictions lying at the heart of the ethno-nationalist narratives that have recently regained their popular appeal in Italy, Brazil, the United States, and much of Europe.


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